Governor Maggie Hassan

Canaan Elementary's 4th graders went to Concord on Monday and got to meet Governor Maggie Hassan while touring the state house. A good day!

20 Sixth through Eighth Graders Camping

This is great! Sue Cater Jukosky shares: This afternoon, at least 20 sixth through eighth graders are camping overnight at Moosilauke Lodge with the Dartmouth Outdoor Leadership students! What a great program. They take our students on adventures each week. This is a great connection to outstanding role models, and a chance for students to go places and do things that they might not have the opportunity to do otherwise. We are so lucky.

Jared Campbell performs his Blue Project finale

Posted by Christopher Morse on Monday, May 13, 2013

NH State Council on the Arts Roster Poet Roger Martin

During the “Hands on Week,” May 13- 18 Three English teachers will work with NH Arts Council Roster Poet Roger Martin. Roger had been our guest artist for “Read Across America Day” a few years ago and returns for a three day residency, May 14, 16 and 17. He will work with Mrs. Adam’s Freshman English Literature classes and they will be writing renga sonnets to enrich their study of Shakespeare. Roger will also work with Shannon Hurd’s block classes and Jessica Kinzie’s Creative Writing classes. Examples of their finished projects will be at the Student Showcase Festival, May 18th. The Festival opens at 10 AM and runs through the Spring Concert which begins at 7 PM.
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Sculptor Mark Ragonese working with about 80 Mascoma Students to create a twenty foot arch out of drift wood. It surrounds the granite Mascoma sign

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Student Showcase

Check out the amazing projects that will at the Student Showcase Festiva1 May 18th: 2013 roster of participating teachers Canaan Elementary School - CES, Enfield Village School - EVS, Indian River School – IRS, and Mascoma Valley Regional High School, - MVRHS

Kim Harvey and Aaron Dow CES have a display with 1,000 paper cranes and two poster areas explaining the project. “We have been folding paper cranes for the sick children of David's House after our students were inspired to help children with leukemia after reading the historical fiction read-aloud Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. They have a goal of making 1,000.”

Barry Williams IRS submitted The Aprica Project: “The name Africa comes from the Latin word Aprica which means sunny. This map project combines the great landmarks of Africa with the human imprint upon the plateau continent. The African sun shines brightly on the world’s second largest continent. Each morning the African sunrise awakens one eighth of the world’s population in over fifty countries. As you “explore” Africa on these maps, don’t forget to check out the world’s largest desert, the world’s longest river, Africa’s highest point, the great cities, and mighty rivers.”

Christine Jespersen MVRHS International Foods students will be displaying their tri fold displays of the country they studied. Child Care class will be displaying their children’s toys.

Aaron Dow CES will show the 3rd grade power point presentations on a projector playing in a loop.

Mrs. Jorgenson CES will display her Earth Day bulletin board which demonstrates student collaboration, “My first graders made posters for Earth Day. They also wrote a poem entitled, GREEN which goes with the display.”

David Shinnlinger MVRHS will have items for display: a wooden bench, turned wooden bowls, turned pens, etc.

Karen Fryer CES “I have PowerPoint presentations that my students did on a planet for our solar system unit. We showed them at our Learning Fair in March.”

Kim Harvey CES “My 17 students wrote creative stories that we published and hard-cover bound through a company called Studentreasures. Currently their books are on display in the CES's library. I may bring them to the festival. Janet Kulig and Sarah Hill (CES Kindergarten) “I expect to contribute either a project involving postcards that the kids wrote as if they had visited the moon, or picture writing pieces about their favorite seasons.” - a paper collage and a accompanied by writing underneath.

Ann Doody MVRHS “I will be hanging some Mind Map posters related to the development of the atomic theory and will also have some interactive timelines that I hope to set up on a computer or two. We are working on posters that may be ready for the festival from a satellite motion activity that my physics students did related to Kepler’s 3rd law.”

Alyson Tessier MVRHS “I will be displaying Mousetrap cars that demonstrate acceleration and other laws of physics. I also will showcase the diagrams of the applied physics the students observed on their field trip to the show Cirque Mechanics Birdhouse Factory.”

Alison Alvarez MVRHS will showcase a photo display of student lab activities in Biology and Anatomy and Physiology.

Sharon Evans CES “My kindergarten class is creating a class project with paper they have made using Eric Carle's technique.”

Diane DeWolfe IRS “I am a 5th grade teacher here at Indian River School and my Social Studies class is going to submit Native American False Face Masks to the Show Case.”

Jessica Kinzie MVRHS “My creative writing classes will be posting poetry for the showcase. We’ll have the poems creatively written and mounted on “fancy” paper.”

Heidi Fisher IRS “My class has created at least two three-sided poster boards with examples of student writing. Also, we are working to complete videos of the two plays we did. I’ll have the old programs to go with it in case someone wants to know who was in the play.”

Donna Hazelton IRS Ancient Egyptian Artifact Museum Grade Six Zelsky Team

“The students in Mrs. Hazelton’s Social Studies classes created an Ancient Egyptian Artifact Museum, which opened for visitors on April 11, 2013. Over the previous weeks, students had conducted research, written reports, crafted artifacts, and created museum cards. Students shared their displays with other students, Mr. Towle, and other staff members, as well as parents who visited during conferences. The sixth graders displayed “artifacts” including pyramids, mummies, boats, amulets, pottery, a chariot, King Tut’s death mask, a scribe kit, a tomb painting, tools and inventions, including a water clock, a working bow drill, and a shaduf. We thank the parents and Mrs. Cummings for sharing their expertise in design and construction of the artifacts!”

Medieval Festival Grade Six Zelsky Team

“On December 20, 2012, sixth grade students from Mrs. Hazelton’s and Mrs. Jukosky’s classes entertained our king and queen, Mr. Towle and Mrs. Vincent, at our Medieval Festival. Many parents and relatives attended as well. The students were all in costume as they welcomed the king and queen with a court dance. They then served a medieval meal, performed the play Saint George and the Dragon, sang a song, and presented their projects: castle designs, stained glass windows, a jousting display, new fashion designs for the queen, and many others. The highlight was at the end of the performance when the students demonstrated their siege weapons: a battering ram, catapults and trebuchets. The Medieval Festival was the culminating activity of a multi-disciplinary unit on the Middle Ages.”

Amy Reiter CES “I have three students who will display a 3D thinking map of the 5 senses.”

Kelli Knapp CES “My 4th graders each researched a different state as part of our “US Regions” study and nonfiction unit. Each student wrote a book that discussed their state's geography, economy, and history, among other topics such as famous people, climate, plants and animals, etc. They also had to include appropriate nonfiction formats such as a table of contents, headings, illustrations with captions, map, timeline, and sources. Their final drafts were sent away to a publishing company to be turned into a hard covered book. I will be showcasing photocopies of their books.”

Sharon Lyman CES “My second graders made dioramas as part of a reading unit on fossils and animals of the past. There are 20 shoebox dioramas and reports that can be displayed together.”

Gail Beaufays MVRHS “French classes will display some student work t from literature studies and/or cultural projects: French III: Graphic representations of various stories read in French and Mardi Gras masks. Spanish I: Día de los Muertos- selection of framed interpretations a sampling.”

Julie Hogue MVRHS “We have tons of pictures from the Spain trip!”

Barbara Sirotkin MVRHS Has consolidated photos and video on a DVD on the trip to Spain. “The second level Spanish students have written and illustrated small story books about animals, which they will be displaying.”

Christie Guerrette EVS and CES “I will have artwork in the Showcase; at least one piece per student.

Paul Dunne IRS “The 8th grade Mascoma Watershed Mural will be presented on a poster board.”

Leah Wheelan MVRHS “My geometry students will have a set of 3-dimensional shapes as well as geometric art work on display. I will have my students’ geometric art work (Op Art, Knot designs, tessellations, etc.) on display. I will also have posters up that demonstrate series and sequences and I am putting together their illustrated word problems. I will probably have three-dimensional shapes decorating the room.”

Susan Follensbee IRS “Mrs. Follensbee’s 6th grade students created mixed media Pharaoh masks to coincide with their Ancient Egypt unit. We learned about the power of the pharaoh and how it was communicated to the Egyptian community. Our masks show the familiar “Nemes” (head dress) which was worn by pharaohs while out in public. Rich hues of blue & gold symbolized the wealth and status of the great leader. Elaborate eye makeup and the false beard completed the look.”

Heidi Mock EVS “I will be displaying Fractured Fairy Tales that my fourth grade students recently finished writing and illustrating. I am very proud of their effort - they’ve worked very hard to finish this project!”

Heidi Fisher IRS “I have many examples of my students’ poetry and creative writing to share.”

Karen Money MVRHS “We will do a picture display about the residency with metal artist Joseph De Robertis, illustrating what was made (and the progress up to the end result).”

Cynthia Cummings IRS “I will be exhibiting about 20 dragon sculptures and hopefully a couple will be chosen for the Cash for Dragons”

Lauren Pearsall, Cynthia Cummings’ Art Intern IRS

Object Photographs and Paintings by 8th grade

Students learned about photography and how to take a good photograph. They then put these skills to the test and photographed an object. Students then learned how to edit their photographs and created paintings based on their final photos.

Abstract Landscape Paintings by 6th grade

This landscape painting was an exploration of color. Students created a landscape that they painted abstractly. They focused on creating monochromatic colors, and then added complimentary colors on top of each monochromatic section. Throughout the entire painting, texture was added in many different varieties to create a complete landscape painting.

Holly Britner MVRHS “The students created "Mini Me" projects. The students had to measure themselves, then scale down the figure to 1/4 or 1/5 the size, then draw an accurate representation of them. I also have a few graphing examples.”

Jane Plumley MVRHS “I will have a table top display demonstrating arc length that the students studied in trigonometry.”

Sarah Copps MVRHS “Students have been making guitars with a luthier. The guitars are still a work in progress. The half-finished guitars will be accompanied by explanations or perhaps a short video explaining what the students have done.”

David Wilson MVRHS Music “The Showcase will end with our Spring Concert. In addition to that, four honor’s students will perform their honor’s recitals during the day.”

Mascoma Music, Saturday, May 18 Honors Recital 12:00 Noon Featuring Kiah Laramie – Gabrielle Forshee – Catherine Kondi – Emily Russell

Annual Spring Concert & Music Awards 7:00 PM Featuring MVRHS Concert Band – Concert Choir – Jazz Ensembles – Guitar Ensemble Both events are free of charge – Donations gratefully accepted

Christopher Morse MVRHS Art “People attending the Student Showcase will be able to vote for their favorite dragons. Their votes will determine the winners from the annual Cash for Dragons. In addition there will be Art projects from all the Art classes in many displays in the galleries and throughout the halls. There will be examples of Portfolio projects, Drawing and Painting projects and Art 1 projects: Personality Masks, Medieval Fantasy, Neoclassical Heroic Figures.

Michelle Chamberlain IRS Health teacher “Alice Ely from Mascoma Valley Health Initiative and I will set up a table at the Student Showcase to display the posters and materials that “Youth 2 Youth” has created this year. We have a minute and half dance routine with silly sacks that the group could perform on stage and I do have 20 hula hoops that I could have available for the public to hula hoop.”

Eileen Lary IRS “I teach 6th grade. With the assistance of Cynthia Cummings, we created dioramas representing the “Neolithic Stone Age.” There are five stations (dioramas) that also have comic books written by the students describing what is being represented. I am currently working on another project with my Social Studies classes with the assistance of Susan Mellow that we’d like to submit. It is a magazine cover and article focusing on ancient Kush!”

Mary Wenig MVRHS “I am going to display posters on themes of Biology, a timeline of atomic theory, an evolutionary timeline, and posters about plants.”

Keli Green IRS “I will have some “Math Art” highlights from our “best work” displays.

Carol Saulnier IRS “I have some 3D cell models for the showcase.”

Tanya Rej and Holly Howes IRS “A student of ours, Jacob Washer, videoed our staff/student basketball games at IRS. I believe that he will shorten the video to 15-20 minutes so that it can be viewed at the Showcase.

Metal Artist Joseph DeRobertis

During the “Hands on Week,” May 13- 18, the MAP program again requested metal artist Joseph DeRobertis. Mr. DeRobertis is a metal artist with the League of NH Craftsmen. Experiencing the Arts is sponsoring a four-day residency for MAP with Joe. A photo display including details of the finished projects will be at the Student Showcase Festival, May 18th. The Festival opens at 10 AM and runs through the Spring Concert begining at 7 PM.

Till Death Do Us Part

There was an excellent turn out for the Music Department's dinner theatre fundraiser "Till Death Do Us Part." The event raised money for the trip to the music festival in Williamsburg. Participants played an active role in the game with specific objectives to complete. Guests had a motive for killing the victim and to protect their innocence as well as seek out the murderer. “You didn't know if you could be the ...victim......murderer......an innocent bystander....” Check out the photo album

Christmas Ornaments

This year, Mascoma students were asked to design the Christmas ornaments for the White House Christmas tree and to represent the state of NH. We were asked to design 24 ornaments. One will hang on the presidents tree and the rest will hang on the NH tree.

The Governor’s office is interested in recognizing the participating students at the November 6 Governor and Council meeting at the State House to show off their ornaments and be noted for their good work (usually, that means a citation is read).

Experiencing the Arts has arranged for a bus to take our students to attend a Governor and Council meeting and show off their ornaments. This will take place next Wednesday, November 6.

I apologize about the short notice. I only just found out about it and it is something that will be good for the students and the district. We hope that they will be able to attend. Thank you!

White House Christmas Ornament Designers for New Hampshire Student’s name, Grade

William Mackey 9
Amy Labrecque 9
Emilie Taylor 10
Ceagin Darling 12
Krysten Withington 12
Rachael Piotte 10
Justin Marsh12
Emaline Conkey 10
Ashlynne Collins 10
Nicholas Perez 12
Katie Steller 12
Caelis Barsaleau 10
Jossie Howlett 12
Tabitha Dionne 12
Morgan Cantlin 12
Mariah Niemi 12
Kylie Peavey 11
Makayla Ruel 12
Katelin Yoder 12
Samantha Olsen 11
Cheng Cing Wing 10
Carissa Stevens 12
Kassady Small 11
Gracie Way 12
Melissa Stark 12
Peter Knox 10
Damian Jenkins 12
Benjamin Clifford 10
Jessica Kelley 10
Barrett Morse 10
Christopher Morse (Teacher)

NH's Governor Margaret Wood Hassan gave a Citation to each participating student stating: "Be it hereby known that I, Margaret Wood Hassan, Governor of the State of New Hampshire, join with my fellow citizens in extending my personal best wishes and sincerest congratulations to (each student's name) in recognition of your generous creation of twenty-four ornaments to the White House that will be displayed on New Hampshire's Christmas Tree on the Ellipse in President's Park. By mixing several artistic disciplines, your creative work captures the wondrous beauty and the charming essence of New Hampshire for visitors from across our nation to enjoy. On behalf of the citizens of New Hampshire, I commend you for your artistic vision and your valued contribution to this beloved national tradition and wish you all the best in the future."
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Ballett Assemblies

Experiencing the Arts sponsored two dance assemblies for students from Indian River School and Mascoma High School. City Center Ballet demonstrated ballet and performed excerpts from their upcoming ballet Clara's Dream which will run Thursday, December 5th, 2013 - 7:00 pm Friday, December 6th, 2013 - 7:00 pm, Saturday, December 7th, 2013 - 1:00 pm, Saturday, December 7th, 2013 - 4:00 pm at Lebanon Opera House.
Posted by Mascoma Proud on Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Posted by Mascoma Proud on Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Mascoma Project


The material in “The Mascoma Project” is riveting, emotional, funny, realistic, and to the point. Topics include all kinds of bullying, peer-pressure, suicide prevention, self-image issues, sexting, and most importantly, some solutions to these problems. It is recommended that parents accompany their children because the show does contain “trigger points” which should be considered PG-13. An open discussion follows each performance.

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