Singing at the White House, again for the second year Mascoma alumna Lara Fetto and the Asheville Singers! Congratulations Lara!

Opening night at Dartmouth-Hitchcock for the National Parks Mural (Thursday, January 21st, 5-6:30) A big crowd of people took the tour of the art on display throughout the hallways of the hospital. The mural will hang there until the construction is complete in Mascoma High School when a suitable place can be found there for it to hang. In addition to the National Parks Mural, Cardigan Art Association and other artists were also featured.

February 26 - March 4, Experiencing the Arts is pleased to announce: "In a collaboration between IRS and Mascoma High School, Friday, February 26th Burlington Taiko drummers will kick off a week-long residency with all school assemblies for both schools. Burlington Taiko will perform with all five of their drummers. The residency will start Monday February 29th. Students both from the high school and Indian River School Physical Education and Music programs will work with Burlington Taiko and Friday, March 4th all participating students will perform recitals for all the IRS students." Christopher Morse, Director, Experiencing the Arts.

Taiko Residency (from their web site)

Burlington Taiko Group and its Sensei Stuart Paton, conduct 50-75 school performances and residencies annually, providing approximately 5,000 students a year first-hand knowledge of the excitement and power of playing taiko. The purpose of our work in schools is to allow children in North America to further their appreciation for diverse cultures, and to see first hand, role models of adults expressing powerful, even fierce, creative energy in avenues that benefit the community. Taiko is just spectacular. The rhythms, the dancing, the brilliant colors are all especially engaging and compelling for children and young adults. We hope our work can inspire them to find constructive, creative outlets for their abundant energy and to do it with the dedication and joy we bring to our own discipline.

Providing a well-rounded educational experience, Burlington Taiko offers both group performances for the whole school and residencies led by Sensei Paton. Performances typically are arranged in a 45 to 75 minute format to accommodate school schedules. Between pieces, students are encouraged to ask questions about taiko and the group. Workshops provide students with the opportunity to play on the drums and learn a taiko piece themselves. Students will learn songs, together with the history of taiko and its place in Japanese and American society today.

Residency Description In a residency program, students learn to play taiko music and to perform Japanese folk dances and songs. Stuart can teach up to 35 students at a time. Residency may start with a school assembly, and /or culminate in a public recital preformed by your students.

Thanks to IRS Music teacher Denise Sullivan for introducing the idea of having Burlington Taiko for a residency program! The residency kicked off with two all school assembly programs for both schools. Experiencing the Arts enabled Physical Education students form Mascoma to join Indian River School to work with Burlington Taiko for a week long residency culminating with a student recitals at IRS.

Experiencing the Arts was pleased to sponsor transportation for 29 Mascoma students and chaperones for a culturally rich tour of Montreal. Members of the Biology and French Clubs spent two days in Montreal. Friday, May 13th a guided walking tour took us through historic squares, landmarks, and through some historic and beautiful buildings including their beautiful Notre Dame. We also explored Montreal Museum of Fine Art which featured their permanent collection and the travelling Pompeii exhibition. Our spirits stayed high despite walking many miles getting soggy in the rain. Our beautiful sunny Saturday was our Science Day exploring the Bio Dome, Insectarium, green houses, gardens, and the tower of the Olympic Village. We ended with an exploration of their "Underground" - miles and miles of shops and subway stops that seemed to go on forever in all directions and vertically for about six floors. We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Montreal's China Town. Students were well behaved, polite, engaged and acted as excellent ambassadors of Mascoma High School. It was an excellent trip!

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