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NOTE: 9/2005 -- selling only from inventory stock -- Please, check on availability!
Award Winning Etchings
Depicted On New Products

To order, simply choose one of the 18 images from The Images page, choose the item that you want it on, and we'll apply the design to your selected item!

The Oculus Press is changing with the times! In addition to our original etchings, we have decided to also offer 18 of our images on some exciting new products! Many of these designs depict images of etchings which sold out years ago and are still sought after!

The 18 images in this catalog are available on T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Long-sleeve shirts, Mouse Pads, Puzzles, and Tote Bags shown left with "Lucky Stones."

Tote bags are cotton natural canvas with contrasting 22 inch forest green handles. Bottom gusset. Dimensions: 15 X 14 1/2 X 3 inch. $15.

Opaque transfers allow the use of color shirts or black as shown on the catalog cover page. T-shirts are heavyweight. Sweat shirts are around 7.7 oz.. Long sleeve shirts are heavyweight. Image size: Images are available on Adult sized shirts in two sizes: standard & enlarged. Enlarged images add $3.

Enlarged Images work best with vertical images.
Standard image size only in youth shirts & Tote Bag.

Prices: Tote Bag, $15
Mouse Pad $15
Small Puzzles $15, Large Puzzles $20.    Home Made Book  Ragged Mountain Revelry $25
T-shirts with standard size image: $18 for white, all other colors $20
Long-sleeve shirts with standard size image: $20 for white, all other colors are $22
Sweatshirts with standard size image: $22 for white, all other colors are $25

Adult sizes available: S, M, L, XL, add $2 for 2XL & 3XL. Youth sizes: S, M, L

Shipping: Tote Bag, Puzzle, Mouse Pad, T-shirts & Long-sleeved shirts, or Book, add $4 for the first item for shipping & handling, add $2 more for each additional item from this list. Sweatshirts add $5 for the first shirt & $3 for each additional Sweatshirt.

Colors: Adult and Youth T-shirts & Adult Sweatshirts: white, black, natural, forest green, red, royal blue & maroon. Youth Sweatshirts: white, black, forest green, red, & royal blue. Adult Long-sleeve shirts are available in white, black, natural, forest green, red, & navy blue. Youth sized Long-sleeved shirts colors: white, ash, navy, & heather. Tote Bags: natural

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