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2012 Showcase Poster: 2012 Showcase Poster

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By Christopher Morse

align:"left" I direct the Experiencing the Arts program. It is a fully integrated enrichment program focusing on six areas of the Arts: Theater, Media Arts, Visual Arts, Dance, Music, and Writing/Poetry, One component of this program is the Student Showcase Festival. This year, the Student Showcase Festival will be on Saturday, May 19th, 2012 to coordinate with Mascoma's Spring Concert. It will run from 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. and the Spring Concert will start at 7 P.M..

Each year participation in our Student Showcase Festival has grown. In 2011, all total, five hundred sixty seven projects were on display in the Mascoma High School halls and the café. Many more were on display in classrooms. Forty-seven students performed in events such as the Indian River School Jazz Band, the rainforest play by the Mascoma students in Spanish and French, and students of all ages in the hoops demonstration. One hundred eleven works of art from Indian River School were on display including Art collages created during an artist's residency with Gary Hamel, Raku pottery created at an artist's residency with Richard Foye and a science poster project from Science teacher Sue Jukosky. In addition, sixteen IRS students performed with the IRS Jazz Band. Sixty-Six works of art from Canaan Elementary and Enfield Elementary were on display.

Experiencing the Arts also supported Art Club activities. Art Club finished another exciting year of activities, contests and community projects with the publication of our literary arts magazine "Alter Ego's and Nightmares." We had three contests for entries for the magazine. The first contest prompt was "Nightmares" based on fears. The second contest prompt was "Alter egos" based on the idea of leading a double life or a separate personality. Lastly, we held our annual Cash for Dragons which was voted on by the public during the Student Showcase Festival. During our weekly meetings, we learned how to make photo silkscreens for the band "Please Don't Tell." We painted a panther for the boys basketball quarter finals. We cut a large ROYALS stencil for the football field for the Homecoming game. Special thanks is given to teachers Matt Wood and Koby VanBeest for encouraging their class' participation in the contests. Also, thanks to our three contest judges, Koby VanBeest, Matt. Wood, and Donlon Wade. It was a good year and we're looking forward to more entries next year.

Mascoma School District asked me to design a special Student Showcase newsletter. Presenting highlights of the students' achievement to all 5000 residents in the district represented an unprecedented commitment on the part of Mascoma School District to support the goals of Experiencing the Arts and the Student Showcase Festival. Principal Collins helped build the event by directing all teachers to showcase student work as well as kicking off our Festival Friday night with an Open House at the school with a historic magic show and Raku night firing. For the special edition newsletter I wrote some of the articles, shot many of the photos and did the design and layout.

We continued working with our Partners: Dartmouth College's Outreach, Lebanon Opera House, AVA Gallery. We participated in many ways with Dartmouth. Faculty requested field trips to many of their School Performance Series shows and we participated with docent lead tours and Art activities at the Hood Museum of Art. Dartmouth had a new Outreach Director Ann Marks, despite massive budget cuts, we were honored to have the Blair String Quartet perform at Mascoma for the entire school. Lebanon Opera House has had fewer Youth Education Series (YES) programs suitable for high school aged students. We only attended one with Mayhem Poets. We had eleven students participate in the AVA Gallery's "Best of the Upper Valley" high school art show. Mascoma student Michael Stearns won best in ceramics, Charland Wood and Neisha Hernandez won Honorable Mentions.

Experiencing the Arts developed vertical programming with Indian River School. October of 2010, Indian River School (IRS) and Mascoma Valley Regional High School sponsored programming with Nu Directions Chamber Brass and band students in both the middle and high schools. Workshops were conducted on improvisation at both schools. Nu Directions Chamber Brass held an assembly performance for all IRS students. High school band members practiced for an evening performance and performed with Nu Directions Chamber as a fund raiser for their trip to Heritage Music Festival in Orlando, Florida. Eight hundred dollars was raised for their trip from the concert.

I would like to focus on encouraging participation by looking at specifically how this type of collaboration can contribute toward our reaccreditation goals. One might fear that with the pressure on test results that we should streamline away from innovative programming, however, the NEASC requirements for reaccreditation makes it mandatory for us to collaborate and develop innovative approaches toward instruction. The evidence that we can gather from our Student Showcase can satisfy some of these requirements when it is again time for us to go through this process. In the mean time we can look forward to this exciting week and build community partnerships and positive feelings for what we accomplish with our students.

NEASC requirements that are supported by our efforts with our "Innovative Inspirations" week and Student Showcase Festival are detailed in indicators in their categories of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment Of and For Student Learning, School Culture and Leadership, School Resources for Learning and Community Resources for Learning.

The Student Showcase Festival is an exciting way to satisfy some of these requirements and in engaging the students and community in the process. Besides the most obvious and possibly most important way that our Student Showcase strengthens our support in the community, I would like to point out a few of the requirements that projects for this event have supported..."
Supported NEASC Requirements speech continued

Finished Panther: Finished Panther

On Friday, October 7th, Art Club put the finishing touches on the Football Booster's Royal Panther on the football shed at Mascoma High School. Abbey Bailey designed the "Royal Panther" and participated in all phases of getting it approved by the football boosters and the school district. Art club is working toward the design being part of a unified design theme for the football boosters! Abbey Bailey is shown on the right in the picture of her finished panther above, Art Club Advisor Christopher Morse is on the left.

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