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Bobcat300: Bobcat

"Hear the Soaring Chuckle of a Lone and Lonely Loon"

Original etching, printed by hand in color. Currently out of print (edition unfinished).
By: Christopher Hill Morse

"Hear the Soaring Chuckle of a Lone and Lonely Loon," is perhaps the most mystical of the illustrations for my book Ragged Mountain Revelry. In the story, Gruff, the bear, is trying to gather the animals to join him on a mission. He knows the bobcat's nature and uses it to get him to follow along...

"The deer were easy to find and went along with the plan straight away. The owl and the deer all hung back as the bear tried to convince the bobcat. "Robert, I know that you are going to say no, but still, you need to hear the plan. Come along if you are curious." The bear's plan worked. Even though the cat told them that he would never go along with a plan of the bear's, they knew Robert would be following."


"40th Annual National Print Exhibition," Hunterdon Museum of Art, Clinton, NJ, 6/9-7/21/1996.
Winner: purchase prize. Collection: Hunterdon Museum of Art, Clinton, NJ.
"Hear the Soaring Chuckle of a Lone and Lonely Loon," was chosen to Illustrate the Land Stewardship sign at the Smithsonian Institution's NH Stories Folklife Festival, Washington, DC, 7/99, and again when the show came to New Hampshire, Celebrate NH Culture, Hopkinton State Fairgrounds, Hopkinton, NH, 6/7-11/00.