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Zen Garden Moose300: Zen Garden Moose

"He Understood Zen Well Enough for a Moose"

By Christopher Hill Morse
Currently available archivally matted and framed, 20"x 26" for $400.

"He understood Zen Well Enough for a Moose," is the result of much thinking into the states of minds of various forest creatures for a homemade story book which I wrote and illustrated telling the true story of a land preservation project from the animals' point of view, (Ragged Mountain Revelry). "He understood Zen Well Enough for a Moose," is not one of the illustrations, however was the result of hearing numerous people nick name a different moose etching from the book as the "Zen Moose." After at least five different people referred to "Still Ragged After All These Years," as the Zen Moose, I decided that I would have to do a Zen Moose piece.

Reviewed in the New York Times by William Zimmer in an article titled "A Printmaker's Work As Mirrored by Others," Friday, September 22, 2006, Zimmer wrote: "The most unabashedly charming work is "He Understood Zen Well Enough for a Moose" (2002) by Christopher H. Morse of Grafton, NH. In it, one moose rakes a dirt path with its antlers while another looks on." The review covered the annual National Juried Print Exhibition at the Hunterdon Museum of Art.

"He understood Zen Well Enough for a Moose," is an etching and aquatint inked in color "a la poupee" on a single plate, printed on Rives BFK, an archival 100% rag content paper.


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"The Society of American Graphic Artists 68th National Members Exposition," Stephen Gang Gallery, NY, NY, 11/4-11/25/00.
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