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Ragged Spirits300: Ragged Spirits

"Ragged Mountain Spirits"

By Christopher Hill Morse
Currently available archivally matted and framed, 14"x 18" for $200.

"Ragged Mountain Spirits" was done originally to accompany a Donald Hall poem in the Smithsonian Institution's Folklife Catalog for their Folklife Festival in 1999 which happened on the Mall in Washington DC. Donald Hall is NH's Poet Laureate and was designated by the Governor as one of NH's Living Treasures. It was a huge honor to be asked to come up with a piece for this venue. I sent one of the etchings to Donald Hall as a gift. "Ragged Mountain Spirits" is included in my homemade book "Ragged Mountain Revelry," in its prologue which gives you some feeling for the piece so I have printed you out this excerpt from the book. "Stand on the high ledges of Ragged Mountain and see the glacial erratic, a great stone carried there by the moving sheet of ice that filled the valley ten thousand years ago. Imagine the day the melting ice gently set the rock on the ledge on which it rests. The contours of the rest of the valley remain hidden. In a rush, let your thoughts melt the expanse once filled with ice to the tiny pond that exists today. Imagine the grass taking hold as the rocks dissolve. This feeling for the wheels of time, shared with me by my mother, who studied geology, I will share with my grandchildren someday."


"Biennial 1999," NH Institute of Art, 9/10 - 11/28/99
"Prints USA 1999," Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, MO,
Winner, purchase prize, juror: David Kiehl Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Whitney Museum of American Art, 11/20/99-01/23/00
"2000 Pacific States National Print Biennial," Hilo Hawaii, 3/14 - 4/15/00.
"2nd Mid-Atlantic Small Print Exhibition," Washington DC, juror: Stephen BePhillips Assoc. Curator of the Phillips Collection, 8/3-8/27/99.
"2001 North American Print Biennial," by Boston Printmakers,
Winner, purchase prize, juror: David Kiehl the Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Whitney Museum of American Art, 2/18-4/8/01.
"45th annual National Print Exhibition," The Hunterdon Museum of Art, in Clinton, NJ 6/10-7/22/01
Collection of Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, MO, 2004.