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Yin Yang300: Yin Yang

"Turtle Yin, Turtle Yang," also separately,

"A Lesson In Boyancy," and "August Turtlescape"

Original etching, printed by hand in color. Currently out of print (read below).

By: Denise Morse

"Turtle Yin, Turtle Yang," was the title of the both plates presented together. It was an edition of fifty and is all sold out. As it took some time to finish the second plate, Denise, editioned the first one as "August Turtlescape" and sold many before the second plate was finished. When it was time to edition the two plate "Turtle Yin, Turtle Yang," Denise had customers who wanted both -- but separately! She editioned the second plate as "A Lesson in Boyancy," and printed enough to satisfy the customers who needed the two seperately.

Now that "Turtle Yin, Turtle Yang" is sold out she wishes to finish the two individual pieces. It is on the list of "things to do!"


"The Society of American Graphic Artists, 66th National Print Exhibition," Nabisco Headquarters, Hanover, NJ, 1/13 - 2/19/97.