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C. Rogers Dragon: C. Rogers DragonJ Barney Castle: J. Barney Castle

1st Experiencing the Arts Sponsored Art Competition! Cash For Dragons

A. Tetu Dragon: A. Tetu Dragon With earnings from our bake sale, the Experiencing the Arts students sponsored an art competition. The entire student body was asked to vote on the finalists in the Cash for Dragons art competition. Eighteen works depicting dragons drawn by Art 1 students were displayed for the finals. Each piece was numbered so that the identity of the artists would remain a secret for the voting. All the artists whose works made the finals did excellent work and are to be congratulated for their accomplishments.

By a significant margin, Amanda Tetu's dragon (left) was the first place winner. She will receive a check for $12. The race for second and third was closer.

With dramatic lighting and a dragon resembling a flying bear (above left), Christa Rogers edged out Jordan Barney for the second place prize of $8. Jordon Barney created a wonderful setting with a huge castle in the foreground and his flying dragon crossing the moon (top right) is but a small detail in the whole composition (detail, below left). For third prize, Jordan will receive a check for $5. The Experiencing the Arts students also felt they needed to award an honorable mention for Shawn Routhier's dragon (below right) which received the next highest number of votes.

Following the count of the votes, the class discussion lead toward focusing our next competition on surrealism and allowing the entire student body a chance to enter. We hope you look forward to our next competition! To home page, click highlighted title Experiencing the Arts

J.Barney Dragon Detail: J. Barney Dragon DetailS. Routhier Dragon: S. Routhier Dragon