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Title Raisonne: The Oculus Press Editions, Christopher Hill Morse: "Early editions that I produced from the founding of The Oculus Press:" "Wadleigh State Park, North Sutton, NH," "Fishing Pool, Andover, NH", "Covered Bridge, Andover, NH," "Lake Sunapee from Mt. Sunapee," "Mt. Sunapee from Lake Sunapee," "Waiting at the Potter Place Train Station," "Old Colby Academy," "Mt. Kearsarge from Kezar Lake," "Skiing at Ragged Mountain," "Tilton,NH," " Winslow State Park," " Sunrise from Mt. Cardigan," "Concord, NH Across the Merrimack River," "March Storm, Mt. Washington," "Manchester, NH, Along the Merrimack River," Historic Salisbury," Lobster Boats, Portsmouth Harbor," "It's Still a Bull Market, North Sutton, NH," "Horse Show, Hopkinton, NH," " Away from Harm's Way," "The Conway Scenic Railroad," "Snowy Night, East Andover, NH," "The William Pitt Tavern," Wolfeboro, America's Oldest Summer Resort," "Exeter, NH," " Mt. Kearsarge, from Rowell Hill," Lake Sunapee and Mt. View from Mt. Sunapee," "Mt. Lincoln from Little Haystack," "Mt. Monadnock, from Dublin Lake," "Portsmouth Sailor's Delight," "Chapel at Sunrise," "Passing Bear Island," " Portsmouth Heritage," "Rye Harbor," "Wellington State Park from Little Sugarloaf," "Canaan Street Beach," "Portsmouth, Serene Harbor Safety," "Star Lake," " Capital Green," "Star Boats, Lake Sunapee," "The Joseph Conrad Salutes," "Squam Lake from West Rattlesnake," "Trout Dreams," "Rocking Dialogue," "Troutscape 1," "Concord Steeples," "Rainy Day Wolfeboro." Commissions: "Cardigan Mt. School," for Dartmouth Medical School, "The First Medical School Building in the Country," "The Original Mary Hitchcock Hospital," "The New Mary Hitchcock Hospital and Medical School."

"I did the following 28 editions plus an etched silver ornament in the time between July 1st 1991 and June 20th 1994:" "From Far Away," "A Serendipitous Resurgence of Neoteny," "Sundown Summer Summons," " Hippity Hop, Bibbity Bass," "A Manatee Roasting Marshmallows," "A Day Hiking at Baxter State Park," "Homage to Winslow Homer," "The Great Gulf," " Troutscape II, The Spawn," "After Labor Day," "Weather Wait," "Anniversary Weekend," "Dawn Upon Moosilaukee," "Le Dejuner a L'Isle De La Lune," "Moon River, Winnipesaukee," "Fishing on the Saco," "The Connecticut, a River of Common Ground," "Rocking Bears," an edition in sterling silver, commission editions that I completed during this time were, "Cobbit's Pond Bridge," "Windham's Union Hall'" "Cemetery on the Plain," "Searles Castle," "Militia Battle," "The First Medical School Building in the Country," a second edition for Dartmouth Medical School, "The Holderness Chapel," "The Holderness Campus," "Concord Churches," "The Oldest Crafts Fair in the Nation," and the silver ornament for the White House.

Since June of 1994: " Hear the Soaring Chuckle of a Lone and Lonely Loon," "Silent Flight," "Bandit Chicanery," "A Singular Search Toward Insouciance," "Stepping Softly," The Ragged Mountain Dance," "Insouciance," 2nd edition-"Fishing on the Saco," "A Singular Search Toward Neoteny," "Maximum Mooseness, Luncheon at their Pad," "Asleep with Friendship's Security," "Nocturne in Moose and Squirrels," Out to Prowl," Come Dancing," "The Ragged Mountain Overhead," The Ice Skating Moose of Lake Umbagog," "In their Element, Like Bubbles off their Back,"- a collaboration with Denise, "Wisdom Takes This Good Advice," "Swamp Maples," My Studio, Sanctuary at the Beginning of the Path," 1997 "Quench," Gratify," Neoteny Leading Over Authority, The Mystery Ever Deepens in Your Lover's Eyes," "Rocking Dialogue Classic," " Expectant Outlook," "2nd Edition Black Bottom Romp," 1998 " Homecomming Fire," "Lead With Readiness," "Objectivity," "Revery," " Explore the Lands of Our Forebears," 1999 "Wake Up Call," "Franklin Pierce Law School form Whites Park," "Old Friends, New Ideas," "Covalent Bond," "Ragged Mountain Spirits," 2nd edition "Maximum Mooseness, Luncheon at Their Pad," 2000, "He Understood Zen Well Enough For A Moose," "The Resplendant Porcupine," 2001 "Remembrance," "Freedom" 2003 "Evidence." 2004 "Final Draft," "Nonpartisan Buck." 2006 "For Auld Lang Syne," "Crazy Legs." 2007 "Life is Still a Picnic," " Thin Disguise," "Thinking Outside the Box." 2008 "Enough Said." 2009 "A Tail of Nine Lives." 2010 "Liquidate" and "Second Wind." 2013 "Inheritance." 2015 "Barrett on Mount Moriah."

Denise Moriearty (formally Denise Morse): "Editions that I produced for The Oculus Press to April of 2004:" "The Little Train Station," Catch Your Attention?," "The Mount Washington," " What's Next?," "Poetic Fall," "On the Welch-Dickey Loop Trail," "Midway Ride," "Lemonade Stand," "Candy Scramble," "Westward Ho," "Carousel," "The Tilton Lion," "On Dickey, Osceola Rises in the Distance," "New Hampshire's State Capitol," "Passing Rattlesnake Island," "Frozen Brook with Winter Colors," "Tranquil Summer Lake," "The Cannon Mt. Cliffs from Little Haystack," "The Saco River Near Conway, NH," "On The Cannon Mt. Tramway," "View of Mt. Chocorua," "Mt. Liberty in Twilight," "Mt. Washington," "Chocorua Lake," "Wentworth By the Sea," "At The Fountain Prescott Park," "Squam Lake Image," "The Black Water River," "Moon Island," "August on the Connecticut River," "Nocturne in Blue and Grey," "Symphony in Green North Conway," "Mt. Liberty and Flume," "Bucolic Bos Taurus," 1993 - "Stairs Falls," "The Pool in the Gorge," "With the Song of The White Throated Sparrow," "Lucky Stones," "Cloudland," "Cascade," "River Stones," plus an etched silver ornament for the White House, 1994 - "Lady Slippers," "Trilliums," "Lilacs," " Blue Flag Iris," "Birth Root, " "Star Flights, Night Canopy," 1995 - "Oh the Joy, Those Outdoor Joys," "In their Element, Like Bubbles off Their Backs," "The Players in the Tides of March," "March Tide," "Shells," "December's Dawn, Kindred Warmth," "Sunset Cruise," 1996 - "Hummingbird," "White Mountain Stopping Place," "A Manual Course to Center" " August Turtlescape," "My Newt," "Cool Pool Moss Rock Inviting Peace," "October Light's Bright Shower," "Turtle Yin Turtle Yang," 1997 - "Celebration at A Source," "A Winter Walk With The Stars," 1998 "Turtle Lane," "Pumpkinseeds and Lilies," "Swallow's Glissando," "Camp Sight," 1999, "Tide Pool Jewel" 2001, "Hummingbird Home on His Range," "Peace From the Pulpit," "Wild Strawberry Zen," " Creation's Voyagers," 2003 "Moosewood"