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Max175: Max175


started this all!

"Maximum Mooseness Luncheon at Their Pad" was the first image I had produced on a shirt. It was selected as the T-Shirt design for the Smithsonian Institution's NH Folklife Festival "NH Stories" on the National Mall in Washington, DC in 1999. The etching is in the Smithsonian Institution's permanent collection. It was hung outside the Design Department in the Folklife offices. The story I was told was that in choosing the piece for the T-Shirt design the Design Department realized that it was the only time that they had unanimously agreed on something, it was hung outside their office for that reason. When the Smithsonian's folklife festival returned to NH as "Celebrate NH Culture", the image was on T-shirts of the NH Arts Council staff. The etching is now in the permanent collection of the NH Arts Council and it hangs in their headquarters on Main Street in Concord, NH. Recently, "Maximum Mooseness Luncheon at Their Pad" was accepted by Katherine L. Blood, the Assistant Curator of Prints at the Library of Congress at the 2001 Mid-Atlantic Small Print Exhibition in Washington, DC. It is one of the illustrations in my home made book Ragged Mountain Revelry. Etching available archivally matted and framed, 18"x 24" $250.

Lucky Stones

Stones175x255: Stones175x255Winner of the Yankee Print Award, Lucky Stones was given a full page in Yankee Magazine (back in 1994). Denise's image touched many other people who also believed if you find a stone with a stripe going all the way through it, good luck will come your way. One lady sent Denise a photo of her rock garden entirely made of lucky stones! The etching sold out quickly. With seven lucky stones in this image it could help you find good luck each day of the week. The glacier often left stones in New Hampshire's streams that do not even come from the area. It is enough to begin one's interest in geology.


Remembrance175: Remembrance175By making specific animals symbols for human concepts we tend to separate them from their habitat and this we use to separate our world from theirs. Remembrance takes the concept of the Elephant as a symbol for memory and asks us to remember them as they struggle with us for their habitat and survival. The melting clock is a reference to Dali's "The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory" and while still keeping on the memory theme is more specifically an alarm clock suggesting an urgency while we question matter and existence. Etching available archivally matted and framed, 26"x 22" $600. Provenance: 1st Biennial National Print Competition, Northern Arizona University Art Galleries, Flagstaff, AZ, 3-5/02. New Hampshire Institute of Art, Biennial 2001, Manchester, NH, 9/21 - 10/19/01.

Cobbetts Pond Bridge

Bridge175: Bridge175Cobbetts Pond Bridge was one of a series of five pieces commissioned by "Friends of the Windham Historic Commission" in celebration of the town's 250th birthday. It was a crisp and graphic multiple plate color etching. The bridge invites one into the composition.

If you are interested in the availability of the series of Windham commissioned etchings, contact them through Marrion Dinsmore, Prudential Dinsmore Associates in Windham, NH 603-898-9038.

Portsmouth Heritage

Heritage175: Heritage175 Portsmouth Heritage won the Yankee Print Award and was featured in Yankee Magazine. It is a visual sentence of the evolution of Portsmouth reading from left to right from the sailing ships to the tugs representing its economic base and leading to the tour boat Heritage in the foreground. The etching sold out quickly.