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neoteny_350w: neoteny_350w

Neoteny Returns!

I am going to give myself a Neoteny Mouse Pad!

Neoteny is an adult's ability to retain childlike qualities. "A Serendipitous Resurgence of Neoteny" was the first image done for my book Ragged Mountain Revelry and was the best selling etching that we have had to date. It sold out two full editions in less than 18 months. Still, people ask me if I know of anyone who might want to sell their's, yet, I have been unable to find anyone who would part with their's. It will be popular on our new products.

Out to Prowl250: Out to Prowl250

Out to Prowl

I was awestruck seeing the first enlarged image Out To Prowl shirt. Just the shirt to wear on those nights when you are ready to go out to prowl. Way fun!

This was one of the etchings (now sold out) illustrating Ragged Mountain Revelry, our home made book. It happens in the story when the bear has just thought of a plan to prove to the other animals a girl named Kendra can be trusted as their ambassador.

Strawberry Zen250: Strawberry Zen250

Strawberry Zen

"Wild Strawberry Zen" only came out as an etching in 2001 and has quickly become one of Denise's best selling etchings. It depicts a wood turtle who has happened upon a feast of wild strawberries. There is a tempo in the pattern of the leaves and strawberries and dynamic visual pathways leading to moments of peaceful focus. The etching is available $350 archivally matted and framed, 18"x 24".


"Pumpkinseeds and Lilies" was accepted in six national art and print competitions! The Curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, NY, chose it for a show! It was one of Denise's first picks for a strong image for our new products. The etching is available $200 archivally matted and framed, 19"x 14".

Pumpkinseed300: Pumpkinseed300