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Insouciance250: Insouciance250


"Insouciance" is an energetic and active composition filled with leaping trout during a mayfly hatch. The word insouciance defines a worry free of mind which certainly seems true for the bears in this one. This was one of the etchings used as an illustration in Ragged Mountain Revelry, our home made book. It is an exuberant piece. Etching available archivally matted and framed, 26"x 22" $400.

On adult shirts, Insouciance & Whales are very effective in the enlarged image size.

Whale175: Whale175


Denise's whales depicts the migration routes of humpback whales who's movement in this composition appears to put the earth into a spin. It is a powerful piece reminding one of the high key activity and spiritual energy of Aboriginal art. She only recently finished this joyful etching, however she felt it would work well on products as well and wanted it included for your choice. Etching available archivally matted and framed, 30"x 24" $500. Provenance: "The Society of American Graphic Artists 69th National Members Exposition," Stephen Gang Gallery, NY, NY, 5/4-5/25/02. "Marking Time", Fredericksburg Virginia's Center for the Creative Arts, 3/1-4/28/02.

Powerful on black, royal blue, or forest green.

Hummingbird250: Hummingbird250

Hummingbird's Range

Dwelling on the need humans seem to have to make symbols in nature, Denise created "Hummingbird, Home on His Range." Etching available archivally matted and framed, 17"x 20" $250. It has already been featured in two national print exhibitions Hunterdon Museum of Art's 45th National Print Exhibition and Artlink's 21st National Print Exhibition. "Trilliums" etching is available archivally matted and framed, 18"x 14" $175. "Ladyslippers," is currently out of print.

"Trilliums" and "Lady Slippers" are old favorites and radiate life. Bold and graphic yet soulful and sensitive.

Trilliums         Lady Slippers

Ladyslipper 175: Ladyslipper trilliums175: trilliums175