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Fish Bear175: Fish Bear175 From Ragged Mountain Revelry:

"Gruff (the bear) found that fly fishing was introspective enough to suit him. It seemed to him that fishing was, as the owl had put it, a singular search toward insouciance. Gruff loved the bewildered faces of the people as he pushed off in a canoe. He was very traditional and preferred dry-fly fishing. He scoffed at the suggestion of nymphs."

Etching sold out.

Imagine this image
on a sweat shirt
for fall fishing!

Still Ragged or Fishing Bear

Still Ragged 175: Still Ragged 175 "The moose enjoyed meditating on the porch of the meeting house. He had a great deal of trouble getting in and out of the rocking chairs he found there. He often tipped over while trying to put his legs up on the railing. But once he got settled, he would relax for hours. He felt centered while he was watching the stars. He concentrated on his breathing and the sounds of the night. Sometimes it seemed like the whole world was responding to him. He left before daylight brought out all the busy people. He understood Zen well enough for a moose."
The etching is available $200 archivally matted and framed, 18"x 16".

Dance250: Dance250

Ragged Dance

Here are two of the most popular Ragged Mountain Revelry images.

Ragged Dance would make a challenging puzzle! Use an oversize Sleepy Girl sweat shirt as a winter nightshirt!

These etchings are available archivally matted and framed, "Ragged Mountain Dance," $550, 22"x 30".
"Asleep with Friendship's Security," $200, 16"x 22".

Sleepy Girl

Sleepy Girl250: Sleepy Girl250