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Articles 2004/05 & before

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Christine Merriman, Spring Artist In Residence
Cash for Dragons 2005
Experiencing the Arts Named Model Artlinks Program!
by NH State Council on the Arts (see pages 6-7)
Review 4/23 Punk Show 4/16th 7-11 PM
Play Addresses Bullying Issues 3/28 The Shape of a Girl
3/2 &18 Author & Filmmaker at Mascoma! Howard Frank Mosher & Jay Craven
3/16 Anne Frank Field Trip
1/31 Scholastic Art Awards 2005
*New Pictures! 12/22 Poetry & Guitar Donald Hall, Thomas Geoghegan
11/29-12/10 League of NH Craftsmen Residency
11/4 Review Fry Daddy & Dr. Burma
10/15 Northern Stage All School Assembly
10/6 Save the Cornish Colony
10/4-5 Savage Nursery Residency
10/5 Orchid Ensemble Assembly
Articles 2004 and before
2003/04 Performance History

Experiencing the Arts 2004-05

Experiencing the Arts is an experiential arts enrichment program based at Mascoma Valley Regional High School in Canaan, NH. Experiencing the Arts is developing a system to connect students and artists from the NH State Council's Artists Roster, The League of NH Craftsmen, and from the four corners of the world. The initial concept for Experiencing the Arts was to develop a new high school course that provided a combination of a work/learning curriculum that engaged professional artists, arts administrators, and other arts professions to work with youth. With continued funding through 2006 from the NH State Council on the Arts and matching support from Mascoma School District, Experiencing the Arts will continue as a class and formalize the development of the cross curricular and broader community impact of the program.

In the Fall of 2004, the program will be entering its third year in practice and fourth year since its creation. The program has succeeded in far exceeding its initial benefit as a class bringing programs to the entire school and broader community as well as sponsoring dozens of field trips to arts events. Our partners in this program include the Lebanon Opera House, The Hopkins Center Outreach Department at Dartmouth College, and AVA Gallery. We also work closely with the Education Department at the Hood Museum of Art. These organizations offer excellent educational material in conjunction with all their programs making it possible to include other classes that could benefit with the vitality of an arts experience in the six areas of the arts covered by the Experiencing the Arts program (Theater, Media Arts, Visual Arts, Dance, Music, and Writing/Poetry). Experiencing the Arts has been honored to continue to win the Artlinks grant support and matching support from Mascoma School District. We have also enjoyed generous support in 2004 and 2005 from the Byrne Foundation. You can e-mail Experiencing the Arts Director, Christopher Morse at

Experiencing the Arts 2004/05 Field Trips:

LO = Lebanon Opera House, SPS = Hopkins Center, H = Hood Museum

H 9/16, 10am, Louis Gispert and woman photographers
LO 10/6, Tom Sawyer and Cornish Colony Museum tour
H 10/26, 10am, East Meets West
LO 11/4, 7pm, Fry Daddy and Dr. Burma - Peak Community Event
SPS 11/17, 9:15am, Polygraph Lounge
SPS 1/13, 9:15am, LINES Ballet
LO 1/28, Fly Dance
Bedford, NH, 1/31, Scholastic Art Awards, all Mascoma Art classes & participating Indian River students
SPS 2/9, 9:15am, Soweto Gospel Choir
Briggs Opera House, 3/16, 10am, White River Junction, VT, The Diary of Anne Frank
LO 3/29/05, Shape Of A Girl
SPS 4/1, 10am, Aquila Theater: 12th Night
LO 4/8/05, Cinderella
SPS 4/13, 9:15am, Cudamani
LO 5/4, Vermont Symphony Orchestra
SPS 5/6, 10am, Keola Beamer
H 5/27, 10am, Marks of Distinction

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