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The Oculus Press - Press Philosophy

Taking to mind our public lands and landmarks, we can feel very proud. There is so much that has been set aside for everybody now and for future generations. Beautiful mountains juxtaposed near huge lakes so clean and clear that you can drink their waters. Architecture which communicates the sincerity of our forefathers and reminds us of the pride and care with which we must approach the future. Granite rising magically by the efforts of spirit now blended into a much larger effort and purpose.

People are most likely to care for and take care of things that they feel good about. The Oculus Press hopes our images of our public lands, landmarks and events make you feel better connected to the role we all share for our treasures, that of caretaker . We do not begin this connecting process. We step into your lives at the stage you find us. We hope that the reverence for our beautiful lands and landmarks, communicated from our personal investigation, enhances your own. It increases our tremendously positive feeling for these places the harder and harder we try to communicate it. Native Americans knew that no one could own the land. Man has made numerous attempts at owning land as countries and individually. Slowly but surely people were overcome with the profound nature of some of the Earth's spectacular features and decided that this was land that no one should own; this was public land set aside for all generations to share, (the spirits of the ancients laughed and felt their wisdom was right). With this momentum we have gained a focus that can carry us for our natural lives with a warm and constructive sense of purpose.

We are not of the opinion that things are going down hill, finding that one lifetime will fall far short of assessing what we all share in one small State. We are tremendously lucky that people starting so many years ago have set aside so much of the best and most beautiful lands and landmarks in each State.

People frightened by the implications of current environmental trends are reborn with purpose when they come back to see our wilderness and experience a private state of the State. Our residents know in their quiet individualistic way what is worth protecting, reserving and embracing.

The hikers labored and pained by our pesky mosquitoes, blisters, and the hard work of climbing to their goal find it remarkable that so much of our day to day life goes forgotten, yet, an encounter with our public lands, years later, is a clear memory. The smells of the scrub spruce, a certain bird call, and these places rush back to mind. A clear memory, the temperature of the air, the feeling of the wind, a feeling of the sun or of the wet boots and slippery socks. The depth of the impression allows one to feel confident that not only are these places protected and safe which would be a hollow, antiseptic safety but that they are loved and shared. They are everybody's family heirloom, with stories that form a web of private legend so strong that they are blanketed with provenance.

And of our other residents, the deer in the woods and the trout in the streams, feel confident seeing the care and resolution that has been taken to embrace their existence with empathy and reverence. Feel confident our caretakers, the people, will accept any necessary steps and effort from the depth of their love for the riches set before them. It is easy to believe this having seen the sublime light their eyes with the majestic views of our mountains and from the peace filling the heart of the lone fisherman on the foggy early morning lake with a calling loon and the mist lighting coolly, silently.

A balance has been struck between our time on Earth, feeling like we are masters of our destiny, and the glimmer of timelessness that we have sometimes understood that has allowed us to set aside the public land we have for all generations to share. I hope that as we continue to separate to public those most precious lands and landmarks which give us this glimmer of timeless purpose, we feel that this sharing brings us closer to understanding the land.

Speaking as artists that believe in the future we are resolved that it will be through the love and appreciation of our lands and landmarks that we will do more than is needed to merely protect and preserve. We want everybody to feel good about these things, take time to join us in our investigation of what is ours! If one of our images can inspire you to take a hike, get on the lake, go tour the State House, remember a place that you would like to go back to, then we have started something good. We believe that by being in touch with our feelings for the things that have been left in our care we will better be able to focus on what we will leave for future generations. Our works do not try to be the final authority on a place, they strive to challenge you to become part of them. We feel people begin an assessment of their resources most often from a recreational focus. If they inspire you to want a more constant reminder and give wall space to our work, great, become a collector!