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The Way We Began The Oculus Press

Christopher: Denise and I began our married life in the throes of graduate school. We were doing graduate research papers and pulling all nighters together. We also enjoyed sharing a studio. It was my hope that we could do something that would allow us to continue to work together.

Denise: It was Spring 1987, Chris had the notion first. We were at The Selwyn School in Denton, Texas. I recall that we were in one of the common rooms standing around the billiard table. We had our Master of Fine Arts degrees and Christopher's teaching career at Selwyn was ending. We were soon to head home to New Hampshire.

A Serendipitous Resurgence of Neoteny

"A Serendipitous Resurgence of Neoteny"

With intense enthusiasm, Chris laid out a plan to establish a press, complete with a press philosophy and a business name. I was overwhelmed trying to keep up with understanding his passionate proposal. It was a bit frightening given our tenuous situation. We had not yet found jobs back in New Hampshire. He was inventing the business and had a vision of its practical application, "To express reverence for our public lands, landmarks and events." With a great flourish he said, "We'll call it the Oculus Press!"

We both embraced this project. Although it was a departure from the subject matter of our intense graduate school study and our thesis work, there was something true in the subject matter for both of us. I would be shifting back from abstract expressionist portraits and mask-like images, to my first love landscape. This was comforting to me. I looked forward to shifting from painting to etching as my full time medium.

Flying by the seat of our pants on this theoretical venture, we planned our serious and self-sustaining art business, and hauled our etching press to New Hampshire.

Beginning | Early Goals | The Studio
Customers | Working Together | Images & Influences | Family & Business