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Experiencing the Arts 2010/2011 Field Trips & Residencies

Hands-on Week, April 25-9, Neighborhoods Student Showcase Festival, April 30, 2011

October 1st Dartmouth, SPS "Death of a Salesman," 10 A.M. Mr. Wood's American Lit., Mrs Grout's AP English, 35 total.

October 12, Hood Museum of Art, Art, Mr. Morse, 22 total.

October 27, Currier Museum "What is Art?" Manchester, Mrs. Grout's Humanities, Art, Mr. Morse, 30 total.

October 27, 28, MVRHS three double-period workshops with band students and Nu Directions Chamber Brass culminating at a public performance together.

October 28, IRS all school assembly and band workshop with Nu Directions Chamber Brass, aprox. 500 attending.

October 28, Concert with MVRHS Band students and Nu Directions Chamber Brass. A fund raiser for the MVRHS Bands' trip to Orlando Florida, (Aprox. 100 attended, event raised $500 for trip).

October 29, Art Club Nightmares literary art magazine contest ends (a record number of submissions!).

November 2, Capital Center (sponsored at Bow High School), "Three Cups of Tea," 10 A.M. Mrs. Wenig, Student Council, Van Beest, Creative Writing 35 total.

November 4, Dartmouth Outreach all school assembly with Blair String Quartet, 500 total.

November 16, Lebanon Opera House, Mayhem Poets, 10 A.M. 55, Mrs. Grout's AP English and Humanities.

December 8th Currier Museum "Forces of Nature" 17, AP Bio, Mrs. Wenig, Portfolio, Drawing/Painting 50 total.

March 22, Hood Museum of Art, Art, Mr. Morse.

April 7, Capital Center, "The Things They Carried," 10 A.M. Mr. Wood, 3 sections Am Lit. 60.

April 14, Northern Stage, WRJ VT "Evita," 135, Mrs. Beaufays, 25, Mrs. Sirotkin 107.

Other residencies: Ceramics artist Ara Cardew during Clay Unit with Mr. Morse's classes. Nu Directions Chamber Brass with Mr. Wilson's MVRHS Band classes, IRS all school assembly and workshop with band students, October 27 -28. IRS (Mrs. Cummings) and MVRHS Mr. Morse, Raku residency with Richard Foye.

April 25-29, TBA Faculty Requested "Innovative Inspirations" week residencies: Wood turning with Mr. Shinnlinger's Woods class. Jewelry with Mrs. Money's MAP and Mrs Sanborn's Voc. Lab. Color Comptencies wit Mr. Morse's Art. Dance residency with Ms. Coons and IRS Ms. Rej. IRS (Denise Sullivan) requests drummer Theo Martey from Ghana. Grafitti Artists workshop with MVRHS Biology and Art classes.

Note: Early dismissal conflicts with two requests for trips on October 21, slam poet Ive Okoawo at Capital Center for the Arts and Amadus at Northern Stage. Also April 19th request for Hamlet (Grout) fell during Spring Break.