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Inspire by Celebrating Student Achievement

"That some achieve great success is proof to all that others can achieve it as well." Abraham Lincoln

For the past seven years Mascoma High School in Canaan, NH has celebrated the accomplishments of its students at an annual Student Showcase Festival. The Showcase Festival has enjoyed steady growth and is now a celebration of student achievement from all Mascoma District schools. The district wide Student Showcase Festival this year is May 19th at Mascoma Valley Regional High School on Route 4 in Canaan, NH. Displays will open at 10 AM. Performances start at noon with the Indian River School Chorus students performing with Artist in Residence Theo Marty from Ghana. There will be a Project Graduation chicken barbeque from 4-6 PM. The finale of the Student Showcase is the annual Spring Concert with Mr. Wilson's Mascoma High School musicians starting at 7 PM.

"The Student Showcase Festival is a chance to feel good about what Mascoma District students accomplish and to share our pride in our students' accomplishments with the broader community. This is a chance for students to share with their families what they have accomplished. This is a chance for students of all ages to share with each other the marvelous growth that we enjoy as students progress through our schools. It is a goal to have all District programs represented. Principal James Collins' strong encouragement last year helped greatly expand the participation at the high school," said Experiencing the Arts Director Christopher Morse. Principal Collins states, "We hope the Student Showcase Festival is the must-do family event for the community. Last year's record attendance demonstrated the continued growth of this exciting program. This year will be the seventh Student Showcase Festival. Mascoma School District is proud of our students' accomplishments. Our students' learning and growth is significant. We like to share this inspirational growth with the community at our annual Student Showcase Festival."

Hundreds of hours of programming culminate at the festival. Mascoma students' accomplishments are celebrated: their work is displayed, students demonstrate, perform, and illustrate their learning in many ways, sharing their accomplishments with the community.

In 2011, five hundred sixty seven projects were on display in the Mascoma High School halls and the café. Many more were on display in classrooms. Forty-seven students performed in events such as the Indian River School Jazz Band, the rainforest play by the Mascoma students in Spanish and French, and students of all ages in the hoops demonstration. One hundred eleven works of art from Indian River School were on display including art collages created during an artist's residency with Gary Hamel, Raku pottery created at an artist's residency with Richard Foye and a science poster project from Science teacher Sue Jukosky. In addition, sixteen IRS students performed with the IRS Jazz Band. Sixty-six works of art from Canaan Elementary and Enfield Village School were also on display.

"The type of collaboration that creates the marvelous expressions at the Festival also contributes toward NEASC reaccreditation goals. One might fear that with the pressure on test results that we should streamline away from innovative programming, however, the NEASC requirements for reaccreditation makes it mandatory for us to collaborate and develop innovative approaches toward instruction. The evidence that we can gather from our Student Showcase can satisfy some of these requirements when it is again time for us to go through this process. In the mean time we can look forward to this exciting week and build community partnerships and positive feelings for what we accomplish with our students. Hands on projects can target areas in the curriculum that need reinforcement," Morse adds.

"As educators we know the truth of the famous quote, "Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand." Participation in the arts is a great way to truly involve students in almost any subject or discipline. The more embedded connections across the curriculum are for students, the more their learning becomes meaningful and permanent. We have built a record of success with the annual Student Showcase Festival. It allows students to demonstrate competency and excellence in a wide range of disciplines. It is also an opportunity for our district to demonstrate to the broader community what our students can do. I encourage staff to get involved with this effort and help motivate students to grow as lifelong learners. Please, join us in our continued celebration of student learning at the seventh annual District wide Student Showcase Festival, Saturday, May 19th, 2012!" Interim Assistant Superintendent Patrick Andrew