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UPDATE: 7/8/05, The Oculus Press News:

Sunapee, August 6-14
Meredith, August 27, 28

The world is a very different place for me than it was back in 2000. I have traded doing thirty five shows, for a steady job teaching public high school Art, and running a program called Experiencing the Arts: coordinating dozens of enrichment events, field trips, artist's residencies, assembly programs, and events for the community and general public. Experiencing the Arts was named a model Artlinks program by the NH State Council on the Arts and this year I was tenured at Mascoma Valley Regional High School. As Director of the Experiencing the Arts program, my relationship with the League has changed in exciting ways. I have hired many League craftsmen for programs for the students. The League is a vast resource!

This year will be my 18th year at the League of NH Craftsmen's Fair at Mt. Sunapee Resort -- August 6th through the 14th. I will only be doing one other show, The Lakes Region Festival in Meredith, NH, August 27th and 28th. Together with my framed etchings, I promise to have some unusual pulls and color proofs of some long ago sold out editions, at Meredith, I will be selling the remaining stock of my t-shirts and other products. I also may have some proofs of the illustrations of the T-Rex book I am making for my son Barrett. I am in hopes you come to see my etching and that you might enjoy collecting more of my work. Christopher Morse

Nonpartisan Buck

Nonpartisan Buck: Nonpartisan Buck

At the beginning of the summer of 2004, the pre-election banter was getting mostly ugly. I was struggling not to loose my sense of humor. I found myself considering the wisdom of the Swiss: 1000 years without a war, beautiful countryside, precision watches, fondue, sublime chocolate.

Dwelling on the possibilities, Nonpartisan Buck began to take form. I imagined there were others who might like my sense of humor; delighting in the beguiling look of the eyes of my "Swiss Army" Buck. I still like my Nonpartisan Buck.
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